Tags are a type of metadata that is applied to articles, entries, and files. It is like a keyword or category label. Tags help you find things which have something in common. You can assign as many tags as you wish to each item.


Tags can be things

  • technology
  • art
  • towers
  • rooftop gardens

Tags can be places or times

  • Hong Kong
  • Interior
  • 2006
  • cultural revolution

Tags can be abstract concepts

  • neoclassical
  • modern
  • ugly

Tags can be used to organize things

  • issue 3
  • keep
  • needs sharpening
  • project: uc2020

Tag linguistics

It is not a problem to use different cases of the same word, such as politics and political because they share the same word stem (in this case, polit).

When comparing tags we also find matches for tags that sound alike. This means fiber and viper may match if you are searching for diaper.

Using tags becomes more complicated when tagging in multi-lingual environments. The tags car and voiture will not be correlated.

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