Urban social networking! Your 'hood is your neighborhood, where people close to you get special privileges. When you add a user to your 'hood they become connected to your online social network. Users in your 'hood are called homies!

The 'hood exists for two reasons:

  • Shared group permissions. Anybody you add to your 'hood has access to any nodes you are the owner of that have been given by my 'hood permissions. (For this purpose, only you can add people to your 'hood -- they can't add themselves.)
  • To enable searching all articles that are owned by a member of your hood or posted datalog entries or files by a member of your hood via the Search: My 'hood option.

How to see who is in your 'hood

  1. Go to your user page. (See Help:User nodes.)
  2. Click the 'hood link at the top of the page.

Adding users to your 'hood

There are three ways to add users to your 'hood:

  • When viewing the user page of a friend, click the hookup link at the top of the page.
  • Click the [+] link next to a node with a User: namespace. (Currently only works on the Browse page.
  • You can have a friend automatically added to your 'hood when they register an account if you give them the secret handshake code. You can find this code by going to your 'hood page, in the right-hand column.

Removing users from your hood

There are two ways to remove a homie from your 'hood:

  • From your 'hood page, click the [-] link next to each homie to remove them.
  • From the user page of the homie you which to remove from your 'hood, click the unhook link from the top of the page.

How to set permissions of a node so only members of your 'hood can access

Edit the node you which to change and set the Permissions view/edit/contribute options to Only my 'hood. You must be the owner of the node you wish to set permissions on.
See Help:Permissions.

How to search your 'hood

From the search menu, choose My 'hood. You will be able to search all articles and files owned and submitted by users in your hood.
See Help:Searching.

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