The datalog is the collaboration area of a node. In this form of data-dialog users contribute text, images, and files. A dialog is formed when users will be able to view and respond to the collective flow of ideas. Datalog entries are sorted reverse chronologically (newest first).

Datalog features

  • Entries contain any type of information: comments, notes, references, links, data, tasks, etc.
  • Entry text can be formatted using wiki markup.
  • Entries have attached files, added one-by-one through an upload form when posting an entry.
  • This is the primary method for uploading files into the system.
  • Files are saved into a shared files folder, and are accessible for use in any node, and displayed in the dataspace browser/search results.
  • Initially files are displayed only in the entry for the node they were uploaded into.
  • All entries are linked to the “view entryâ€? page for more information.
  • If entries contain files, up to 10 of these are displayed in the entry summary box.

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