Based on an interview with vice director Li, Cultural Office 7 Star Group, July 30, 2014

district   surface area      built volume      FAR    
798        330,000 sqm       230,000 sqm       0,7
751        190,000 sqm       130,000  sqm      0,7    

Total      520,000 sqm

Rent 7 Star Group receives      Market rent 
Commercial (café etc)           5-6 RMB / sqm / day
Gallery / art institute         3 RMB / sqm / day       5-6 RMB / sqm / day
Artist studio                   2 RMB / sqm / day

160,000 sqm of the 230,000 is used to rent out
70,000 sqm is used as factory, 7 Star Group offices etc
According to mr Li there is no vacant space in 798
30,000 sqm of the total volume is historical heritage

There is an ambition to increase the FAR of 798 to 2,5; 2,5 x 330,000 sqm = 800,000 sqm.
This is not yet approved, only proposed.

The rent gradient is part of an attempt to promote creative industry related programme and artists.
In addition, there is a soft quota on restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other commercial programme.

There is a big gap between the rent 7 Star Group receives and the market rent some tenants pay, due to a system of subletting.
7 Star Group actively tries to remove the middle men from the area, after finishing contracts.

Total amount of tenants 7 Star Group is 624
The total rent revenue: 100 million RMB / year

798 has 4,5 million visitors / year (30% foreigners / 30% tourists / 30% frequent visitors)
Since 2008, there is a yearly increase of the number of visitors of 30%

7 Star Group employs around 6,000 people, mainly working in the production of electronics (solar energy, semi conductors, microphones, acoustics etc). Further, the former SOE has 15,000 retired people, and 4,000 people that were laid off.

300 people work in the 798 Art Zone Branch, divided over the 798 Culture Department (planning, construction, cultural industry) and the 798 Management Department (rent, management and environment). The largest part of the 300 employees works in the 798 Management Department, in security, maintenance, rent and administration, HR etc.

Tax, GDP, employment and cultural image are all part of the criteria for a new strategy for 798.

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